digiiMED will empower you with the latest technology has to offer for you to be in complete control of your health. With the use of digital health monitoring devices, we will help you better manage your chronic conditions so that you may live a longer and more comfortable life. We believe that it is your right to receive medical attention when you need it and, through the iUGO Care platform, that vision will become a reality.


How it works?

Talk to your doctor about your interest in enrolling in digiiMED’s Remote Patient Monitoring Program.

If your doctor determines that RPM is a good fit for you, he will contact us and share your contact information. A member of the digiiMED team will contact you to schedule delivery and setup of device.

You must sign a consent form authorizing digiiMED to monitor your biometric data from our monitoring center.

A copy of your Plan of Care will be provided to you so that you know when and how to take the readings.

Follow your Plan of Care accordingly. Your readings will be automatically sent to us, no further effort is needed on your end.

If we receive a reading that is, according to your Plan of Care, considered At Risk or Critical, a Nurse Practitioner from our digiiMED Monitoring Center will contact you on behalf of your provider.

Live more comfortably knowing that you are connected to your provider and a team of health professionals always.

We care about your needs

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