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REMOTE PATIENT MONITORING (RPM), often termed “telehealth”, leverages Bluetooth enabled medical devices to deliver critical health indicators to healthcare professionals, all from the comfort of a patient’s home.


digiiMED is a digital medicine services company devoted to connecting patients with healthcare providers at all times for a better quality of care. In a fast-paced world where innovations become obsolete with the introduction of others, it is our commitment to continuously monitor the digital medicine industry so that we may provide the latest and best technology has to offer.

Our mission is to revolutionize patient centered care by empowering patients with the latest technology has to offer. Thus, improving their engagement, quality, and access to care.

Our vision is to provide a virtual one stop shop where patients can fulfill their medical needs regardless of education level, socioeconomic background, and health status.

Biometrics that can be monitored include:



learn about our benefits.


learn about our benefits.

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